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Community Progession

PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2013 11:16 am
by samreinod
Hey guys,
I´m honestly a little bit disappointed.
I joined this community in the hope, that we would create games together, because it is way more fun, its faster and the games just get better, than creating them alone. However, during the 2 weeks this forum is running we are unnecessarily still stuck at the very beginning and not actually getting into GameDev. At the moment the only things we got is a (nice) collection of links, the (more or less) weekly competitions and discussions about the theme of the forum.
Maybe its because you just dont have any time for a gamedev project right now, or whatsoever, but i hope that we can start soon, on why we (or just me, idk) came here together: creating videogames

Sincerely, Samreinod

PS: I dont want to point at Pyrodragon (cause I posted it here), or anyone else. This is not meant as a rant about you guys, I just wanted to share my thoughts with you. :)
PPS: Yes, maybe it is in the wrong thread, but firstly, anyone who registred here will look at any new posts anyway i guess, and secondly, my thoughts are direcetly related to this (sleeping) thread.

Re: Community Progession

PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2013 3:21 pm
by PyroDragn
I split your post off of the GDD thread and posted it here in its own topic.

during the 2 weeks this forum is running we are unnecessarily still stuck at the very beginning and not actually getting into GameDev.

I wouldn't say that we're unnecessarily stuck at the very beginning. We haven't noticeably progressed very far, I agree, but a lot of the developmental work is some of the less obvious parts of what's going on. We're still working on the website development, and getting the management of the site in place.

At the moment, the low userbase, and the fact that we don't have much basis for ability, means there is quite a bit of necessary independent working. As a designer, I know what my capabilities are. I could design a complex 3D RPG, but that would require a skillset of 3D modellers, texturers, level designers, scripters, animators, and programmers that - at this point - I don't know we have. Alternatively, I could design a simplified game, which no-one would possibly be interested in, or no-one would learn anything from.

We are hoping to get some more recruiting done and expand our userbase. Once we have more people in place then the community interaction will naturally take off and hopefully people will independently start forming groups for working together, besides the main community interaction. Up until then, we're just taking it slow and steady, trying to get everything in place so that the community has a basis to stand on.

If you're looking to start working with others, or start groups, start posting ideas and thoughts and people will hopefully respond. We just need to get the ball rolling.

Re: Community Progession

PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2013 6:01 pm
by samreinod
I see you point, but I personally have to disagree with your saying, that no-one is intersted or no-one would learn somthing from a simplified game.
Everyone liked that you posted you GDD in the groupproject thread, but the thing is, that you didnt respond to our questions, so it looked like you aren´t interested in your own project and that was the actual reason for my post.

Secondly saying that you wouldnt learn smth from a smaller project is just the biggest bull**** you could possibly hear from a game designer/developer. :P Even, if we would do a 2d jump´n run with just one player interaction we would learn incredibly much about creating games in a group, the programs we use etc, etc.

Re: Community Progession

PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2013 7:13 pm
by PyroDragn
My point wasn't that no-one would ever learn anything from a smaller project, it's that, without knowing what people are currently capable of there isn't a baseline for where to start learning. If people are able to progress past a stage, then trying to learn the previous stage is at the very least less useful, if not completely redundant.

If we were trying to teach math, then I would want to know what people are capable of, otherwise we can't decide whether to start with simple addition, to dive into differentiation and integration, or somewhere in between.

Even, if we would do a 2d jump´n run with just one player interaction we would learn incredibly much about creating games in a group, the programs we use etc, etc.

Maybe you would, and that's good to know. Maybe, a lot of other people would, but I don't know that, and that is why we're still trying to learn people's capabilities.

Besides the fact that a 2D jump and run game isn't necessarily a simple project. It involves procedural level generation, and usually depending on the acceleration, it'd require per-pixel collision detection rather than simple bounding box intersection per movement.

The simple question to ask is, if you were to form a group for a development project, who from this community would you want to work with? I've only seen a couple of snippets of what people are capable of, and that's not enough of a basis for me.

Edit: as a response to the fact that I hadn't answered questions about the GDD I did, I do realise this. I promise to post a response later today, but the fact is that I wasn't sure how to continue. It was originally intended to follow up on some chat in Skype about people wanting to form a group, but again, there wasn't much basis for it. The original design was reliant on the rogue-like aspect of having procedurally generated levels, and for the scope of game, I think that's simply beyond what people are capable of here. I was hoping it would generate more discussion, but that's probably a lot of my fault due to neglecting the comments. I'll try and rectify that, and if not, do better in future.

Re: Community Progession

PostPosted: Tue Feb 12, 2013 3:39 pm
by russ
I'd be happy to do a quick 2d jump' run, but my artistic skills are near zero.

Re: Community Progession

PostPosted: Sun Feb 17, 2013 2:19 pm
by Tyler (TJ)
Hey guys, interesting little post here. I must apologize because I have been really busy lately and haven't had as much time to dedicate to the site as I would like. For the first two weeks or so I really gave this site and community every thing I could. But now we have hit a road block. I am not a website designer and I don't know HTML, php, etc. But we do have a web designer, being Jan. He has been busy for a week with his school work and what not but when he gets time he will start working on the site and adding some of the features we would like to have. We have also been trying to combat the waves of spammers that have recently hit the forums and that has been a headache itself. In terms of expanding the community, I would like to make sure the website is at least properly designed to the minimum of our goals before massively recruiting newer members. Also, we 4 Admin/Mods are literally normal people just like you. We have less skills right now and more passion. So until we have the skill/time/cash to make certain things happen, we will have to be patient and understanding. This website has been a great project for me the past few weeks and I look forward to being able to really expand on our ideas in the future. Until then, we will have to just continue to do small projects, and slug along. Thanks for the post sam.

Re: Community Progession

PostPosted: Sun Feb 17, 2013 6:22 pm
by Silencer
samreinod, make a topic, proposing to start a new small project, I'll join you, there is nothing to stop us, and if you have free time and want to start something, then take the initiative and do so, I'll try to support you as much as I can.

There was a saying on gamedev, "make games not engines", the same thing goes here, if you don't want this challenges, let's do a small game then.