What to expect from GameDev4Beginners.net

What to expect from GameDev4Beginners.net

Postby Landshark » Sat Feb 02, 2013 2:56 am


We don't really have an announcement area yet, so figured I'd toss this here.

First of all, Welcome! To quickly summarize, GameDev4Beginners.net was created with the idea of having a one-stop-shop resource for aspiring beginner game developers. This will be a place for beginners to meet other beginners, a place to go if you need resources for tutorials, to work on projects with others, ask questions, and MUCH more. We are also beginners and we are help learn and grow with all of you. Who is the 'we'? That would be everyone here! Think of GameDev4Beginners.net as a website made by beginners FOR beginners. However, all credit for the original site idea goes to Tyler(TJ).

At the moment the website is being hosted by me (Landshark), in collaboration with Tyler(TJ) and Jan Peter. There will be major changes done to the website in the near future and it will continue to expand and morph into new and better things as time goes on.

GameDev4Beginners.net is MADE BY YOU. This means that it will be a community project/effort. While there will be only a few official moderators around, the ideas, content, and majority of decisions for this website will be made by the collective YOU (which is really US, because we are all beginners working together!). Please provide your feedback on the site! We want new ideas, suggestions, and any/all constructive feedback (even if you hate something, let everyone know!). Don't like the color of something? Let us know! Need to upload bigger images, beyond the current forum restrictions? Say something and we'll adjust the settings accordingly.

As a friendly and final reminder, expect the site to change it's look/feel in the near future. The current site design/style is just a default while we work on including some better ideas and features. GameDev4Beginners.net is running phpBB v3.0.11 under the GNU General Public License, which allows us to make any/all changes we want to this site. This means we need great ideas for the future of GameDev4Beginners.net!
-Landshark (Scott)

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