Weekly Project

Weekly Project

Postby Landshark » Wed Jan 30, 2013 8:57 pm

Weekly Project #1

(Originally posted by Tyler)

First off, thank you very much to everyone who has contributed to the community. Just being here and showing your support is a real treat. With this kind of friendly community we can grow GD4B into a grand professionally designed website for all of the developers out there just like us. I'll try not to waste much or your time so lets go ahead and get started with the project you guys have been waiting for!

Lets go over some things really quickly just so everyone has a clear understanding of what is going on. I have decided the best course of action for our first community project is a very simple weekly project. (I will try to make multiple project styles in the future. Possibly weekly, monthly, and yearly project competitions). While you guys are working on your weekly projects, I will be working on my project. The website! I will be planning out more events, the best way to run these events, and what the best overall setup for the community is. Hopefully by the time you guys are submitting your weekly projects I will have some cool information for you all.

The Rules: (I will be adding more in the future as I think of them.)

- You can be involved in more than one project at a time. Really, if you would like, you can submit a project for every category.

The Projects:

We will be working on much harder projects in the future but for now I would like everyone to relax and enjoy a simple project to get our feet wet.

Programmers - For programmers we have a great first project. A text-based engine. By this I mean source code that can be compiled into a program that can perform basic commands. (For example: You can set it up so you get a welcome screen, create a new character, spawn into a room, and move around in the room. Also adding features like look ( to see what is in the room), move ( to move in different directions, North, South, East, West) inventory, pickup , drop , etc. You can add as many commands as you would like and are capable of (in fact I encourage it).

Level Designers - I have in mind a crucial skill development exercise for the field of level designing. This is in fact a skill development community and when it comes to game development, you may not always be doing the most exciting of work. For the Level Designers I would like you to write an article on the different aspects to take into consideration when designing a level. That means things like drawing out a design on paper first, the flow of the map, what engines are available, etc. The most detailed, and well written article will be the winner. (Professionally written papers is another skill that would be useful to develop too).

Story/Lore Creators - The Story/Lore creators will be designing a detailed world for our upcoming game we will all be working on (if you are able of course). You can really go all at it here. You can write a 10 book series or a one page article. It is up to you, but also keep in mind it is not just about how much you write. I need to be able to imagine the world you are trying to create. It needs to have suspension of disbelief. Yes it can be a fictional world (obviously) but if you set one thing up in the story then contradict yourself two lines later it will be noticeable. Other than simple writing critiques, feel free to go all at it on this.

Concept Artists - I would like you to partner up with one of the Story/Lore Creators and create a single drawing from one of their ideas. Keep in mind you will need to be able to display this online in some manner so if you do hand draw this, be prepared to upload it in some fashion. Also multiple people can use the same story/lore creator (and even the same concept) to draw their own depiction of the idea. This helps so there will not be any confusion if we have more concept artists than story/lore creators (we will need to have at least one story/lore creator so you folks will really need to work together on this one to get it done properly and on time). Good Luck.

3D Modelers- This one took me a bit to think about. I wanted to make it challenging enough but not too challenging for a first project. So I decided to have each 3D modeler create their own creature. It can be a human or any type of creature you can possibly imagine. The creature does not need to be filled with color but you will get bonus points for doing so.

Project Designers- The Project Designers will write an article on two different topics. 1st: The way you would set up and organize all of the professionals involved in creating an in depth text-based game. 2nd: The different jobs/careers involved in creating a professional grade MOBA (as well as define MOBA), a simple list of MOBAs currently available (and brief descriptions on them), and anything else interesting you may like to add to keep the article interesting and informative. (You will probably notice we talked a bit about MOBAs in the forums. This is what intrigued me to come up with this idea).

The Deadline is Saturday, February 2, 2013 at 6pm CST
Also everyone can use any applications they would like. There is no restriction on programming language, 3D modeling applications, etc.

Good Luck Everyone!
I hope you guys enjoy and play fare. This project and all of our projects in the future are just for fun and experience. If you guys have any questions or concerns about the projects please list them below. Have fun!
-Landshark (Scott)

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Re: Weekly Project

Postby Tobl » Tue Feb 05, 2013 3:38 pm

I know, the projects are already over, but would it have been okay to javascript the programmers' task?
It's not technically programming, but it works, is easy to use and crossplattform.
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Re: Weekly Project

Postby Tyler (TJ) » Tue Feb 05, 2013 11:19 pm

Really the idea is to give beginners the courage and guidance to start practicing and working on their own projects while they are studying their selected niche. If you would like to practice the programmer task, then I say go right ahead! I don't know much about javascript specifically but we would love to see members working hard and going outside of the box! This specific competition is already over and I can't change the results but that doesn't mean we wouldn't mind seeing some other great submissions and wouldn't mind giving our advice if we are experienced enough in the selected area. :)
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